December 28, 2012

Searching Through Many Test and Measurement Company Websites In One Click

Recently, there were some enquiries through measuremenTest's contact form from some companies regarding information to suggest alternative product brands to participate in tenders, deals etc. This is where the "Search T&M Directory" on the right sidebar comes in handy. This is a custom search that searches through all the companies listed under T&M Directory (right sidebar bottom) in just one click. 

For convenience the "Search T&M Directory" form has now been moved up to join the "Search This Site" and "Find A Job" forms. The results of the search will always appear on the main section of the site, above the first post and top banner. As an example here is a screenshot of an "oscilloscope" search:

Notice that the "oscilloscope" search result yields several different companies that has oscilloscope offerings. This greatly eases your task so that you do not have to go into many company websites to do searches.

If you are a test and measurement product manufacturing company and you are not listed in this T&M Directory, please contact us to list you for free.

Happy searching!

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