July 15, 2012

Processing Magazine Breakthrough Product of the Year Awarded to Extech's Wireless Articulating High-Def Videoscope (HDV640W)

Extech Instruments has announced a recent award recognizing an innovative inspection tool designed to make it easier and safer for plant and processor predictive/preventive maintenance technicians, aviation mechanic powerplant (AMP) mechanics, and other industrial endoscope users to get the job done.

Processing Magazine Breakthrough Product of the Year
Processing Magazine recognized the Extech HDV640W High Definition Wireless Articulating Videoscope as a 2011 Breakthrough Product of the Year. The videoscope was honored among products that Processing associate publisher and editor, Dennis Van Milligen, calls “innovative technology introduced over the past year that is expected to improve operations for years to come.”

To learn more about the HDV640W's award, please visit the Processing Magazine website.

Designed for use in practically any environment, these rugged, waterproof and drop-proof industrial videoscopes deliver images and video with remarkable sharpness and clarity. The new cameras are designed to be intuitive and easy to use for new and experienced users alike.

The main display unit features a large, 5.7" (145mm)LCD monitor that is easy to view in cramped and poorly lit industrial spaces, or aircraft maintenance facilities. The Extech’s large display, coupled with quality optics, helps ensure you identify the most minute features or defects during inspections. Users can capture and store nearly 15,000 images or up to 4 hours of video on an easy to transfer SD memory card. Plus, audio annotations can be added to video helping to minimize or eliminate paper note-taking.

Ergonomic grips with adjustable straps make it easy to hold the display while conducting inspections, while the tilt-stand or tripod mount can be used to stabilize the display on any job surface.

Easy to hold for extended periods, the HDV640W wireless handset enables scope use up to 10 meters away from the display.

The articulated controller handset features a 6mm scope and a large, glove-friendly, articulation control knob with adjustable resistance. With easy and precise control of the 320 degree articulated camera tip, the Extech handset simplifies inspections of detail-intensive equipment.

Extech videoscopes are optimized for challenging industrial locations and all-weather environments. Extech’s HDV600 series is one of the few videoscopes to be tested waterproof to IP67 standards and drop-proof to 2 meters (6.5’). Whether confronted with stormy weather or a high-dust location, or the videoscope is accidentally dropped, the Extech continues to perform.

The HDV600 videoscope series is ideal for use in a range of industries including 
  •     Industrial processing and manufacturing (casting, machining, EDM, welding)
  •     Aviation AMP, AOG and FBO
  •     Heavy equipment
  •     Manufacturing
  •     Government and security
  •     Power generation
  •     Commercial/Industrial HVACR
  •     And more ...

Extech’s HDV600 videoscope family offers a wide range of handset, optical, and scope length configurations ensuring users select the best combination for their requirements. As needs change, Extech’s modular and upgradeable design makes it easy to adapt the videoscope to tackle tomorrow’s newest challenge.

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