July 31, 2012

National Instruments To Redefine RF Instruments

Leading to NI Week in August 6, 2012, National Instruments is teasing us with a promise to redefine RF via its www.rfredefined.com microsite. More than a quarter century ago, National Instruments redefined instrumentation with LabVIEW and then went on to set a new standard for modular instrumentation with PXI over a decade later. 

This time around, how exactly will National Instruments redefine RF? Are they introducing a new architecture in RF instruments? Perhaps a new way of making RF measurements? Maybe a radical new user interface? One thing for sure, it has to break boundaries to be redefining RF instruments and that is a tall order indeed.

Will they make the cut? The only way to find out is to keep your eyes on NI Week 2012 or better still, be there. 

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