May 3, 2012

Topsec Mobile Crypto Headset from Rohde & Schwarz SIT Now Offers Voice Encryption for Android Devices

Smartphones are complex software platforms and, as such, vulnerable to spyware and Trojan attacks. Moreover, mobile phone calls are usually transmitted in plain text over Internet infrastructures. A highly secure solution is now available for those who want to keep their conversations confidential while using their standard Android device: Rohde & Schwarz SIT has added Android support to its TopSec Mobile. 

Mobile phone conversations between high ranking business leaders or government officials often contain information that is meant for their ears only. Product development details, financial data as well as strategic and political initiatives should never be publicized ahead of time. End-to-end encryption between microphones and speakers provides the most secure protection. Rohde & Schwarz SIT now enables users of the popular Android operating system to telephone in this highly secure manner. The new Android extension for the TopSec Mobile crypto headset is a simple upgrade for existing smartphones.

"The TopSec Mobile is an unbeatable combination of proven security against all forms of smartphone manipulation and maximum flexibility for the user," explains Winfried Wirth, President of Rohde & Schwarz SIT GmbH. “Off-the-shelf Android mobile phones can be used without restrictions. The TopSec Mobile is simply activated when a confidential call is made.” continues Wirth. Support for other leading smartphone platforms is in preparation, so that Rohde & Schwarz SIT customers can safely embrace the trend towards professional use of personal equipment (BYOD, bring your own device).

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