May 10, 2012

Despite Recession Bbite Sees Opportunities for Growth in the UK’s Technology Markets (2 of 4)

Continuing from Part 1 of 4...

The UK is officially in another recession with the dreaded ‘double-dip’ and with the economy bumping along the bottom, inevitably there is pessimism in the air.

However, at times like this, it is important to take a step back and focus on the areas in which we excel. For the UK it is innovation and in particular innovation around high-tech. The UK thrives on its culture of innovation and on the practical creativity of its graduates and engineers.

So, looking at where the UK is particularly adept at innovation, points us to markets of opportunity for growth. Global opportunities which demand high skills and technical capabilities are present within the UK’s current economy.

This is Part 2 in a series of 4 outlining those markets of opportunity.

Six UK Markets of Opportunity for growth toward 2015:
  1. Aerospace Defence
  2. Transport
  3. Energy
  4. ICT
  5. High Value Manufacturing
  6. Development

Part 2
1. Aerospace Defence – The big market nationally and globally. Security, surveillance and major all-electric aircraft investments.

2. Transport Vehicle – All electric vehicles, hybrids, in-car infotainment, vehicle to infrastructure communications, high-tech F1, innovative, breakthrough, and leading edge. Push for greener more efficient transport.

3. Energy Green, but more importantly for test and measurement the mandate that everything must draw less power leading to a demand for greater precision.

4. High Value Manufacturing – Re-establishing the UK as the home of high tech manufacturing of sophisticated product leading to greater UK investments.

5. ICT (Information & Communications Technology) Wireless – The home of Wireless R&D and the backbone of all networks. Keeping up with standards and evolving technologies drives investment plans.

6. Development – For the UK to succeed via innovation it must be a producer of commercial products from high tech R&D to education and start-ups.

Parts 3 to 4 will look in greater detail at each of these markets of opportunity in the next two weeks. Meanwhile, get your copy of the World Electronic Industries Report & Forecast 2010-2015 by clicking on the banner below:

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