May 15, 2012

Anite Leads The TD-LTE Device Testing Market

Anite, a global leader in wireless device testing technology, announced that its device conformance and interoperability testing portfolio leads the TD-LTE device testing market in terms of test case availability and coverage.

In December 2010, Anite’s Conformance Toolset was the first test platform to be approved by the Global Certification Forum (GCF) for TD-LTE testing.  Today, Conformance Toolset has the most number of protocol conformance test cases validated by GCF in TDD bands 38, 40 and 41. Through close co-operation with all of the leading TD-LTE chipset and device manufacturers, Anite has been responsible for the initial verification of 92 per cent of the 3GPP RAN5 TD-LTE test cases. Anite’s SAS, the industry’s leading interoperability test system, now has over 400 mobile operator scripts to support TD-LTE device testing.

Anite’s Conformance Toolset and SAS solutions enable device and chipset manufacturers as well as mobile operators to rapidly identify and resolve issues encountered during conformance and interoperability testing. As a result, test programmes are significantly accelerated, enabling new devices to be launched more quickly and cost-effectively.  The solutions’ unique and intuitive graphical interfaces facilitate rapid deployment without the need for extensive training.

“The Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) has enabled rapid development of the TD-LTE technology and is supported by leading operators worldwide such as China Mobile, Softbank and Clearwire,” said Mike Bonin, Managing Director of Anite’s Handset Testing business. “As a leading provider of device test solutions, Anite identified the potential of TD-LTE as early as in 2009. We’ve worked hard to develop our TD-LTE offering and now lead the market in terms of test case availability and coverage. Anite’s unrivalled expertise in TD-LTE testing has helped our solutions become the first choice for customers engaged in the development and testing of TD-LTE devices.”

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