May 2, 2012

Agilent Technologies Announces New Express Test Option for Nanomechanical Testing

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) recently announced the immediate availability of Express Test, an ultrafast way to conduct high-precision nanomechanical tests on a broad range of materials. Designed for exclusive use with the popular Agilent Nano Indenter G200, this revolutionary new system option allows 100 indents to be performed at 100 different surface sites in 100 seconds.

"Express Test methods not only offer researchers working in scientific and industrial settings unprecedented speed, but also remarkable versatility and ease of use," said Jeff Jones, general manager for Agilent's nano measurement organization in Chandler, Ariz. "Express Test is ideal for a host of diverse applications involving bulk materials, composites, thin films and low-k materials. Agilent's innovative Express Test option further strengthens the reputation of the Nano Indenter G200 as the world's most accurate, flexible, and user-friendly instrument for nanoscale mechanical testing."

Express Test allows the Nano Indenter G200 to be operated in controlled-force or controlled-displacement mode. Testing is simple, just point and shoot. Area-function calibration can be performed in minutes, Young's modulus and hardness can be rapidly evaluated with robust statistics, and quantitative maps of mechanical properties can be generated in record time. Thermal drift is negligible thanks to the option's unprecedented speed.

In order to achieve these revolutionary measurements, the Nano Indenter G200 must be configured with an Agilent Dynamic Contact Module II indentation head, Agilent's NanoVision stage option, the new Express Test option, and Agilent NanoSuite Professional software. Each system element has been optimized to facilitate ultrafast performance.

Nanomechanical Systems from Agilent
Agilent offers high-precision, modular nanomeasurement solutions for research, industry and education. Exceptional worldwide support is provided by experienced application scientists and technical service personnel. Agilent's leading-edge R&D laboratories ensure the timely introduction and optimization of innovative and easy-to-use nanomechanical system technologies.

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