March 9, 2012

Rohde & Schwarz Presents the World's First All-In-One Solution for Testing MHL Video Interfaces

Transmitting media content from mobile devices to high-definition (HD) equipment is no longer a future vision, it is reality. This is why more and more smartphone and tablet manufacturers are turning to the new mobile high-definition link (MHL) video interface. Rohde & Schwarz now introduces a compact, all-in-one solution for the necessary interoperability and application testing. Manufacturers benefit from a solution that is simpler and more cost-effective than conventional test setups.

The new Rohde & Schwarz audio/video test platform is available in two models: the R&S VTE video tester and the R&S®VTS compact video tester. The R&S®VTE is a modular, expandable platform for testing video and audio interfaces in development and quality assurance. The lower-priced R&S®VTS has been optimized for use in production. Both products come with an MHL test module. MHL allows HD video and audio content, such as available over LTE, to be transmitted from a smartphone or tablet PC to an HD TV.

The R&S®VTE and the R&S®VTS are all-in-one solutions that perform MHL protocol tests and analyze the media content transmitted over the new interface. Video and audio parameters, InfoFrames and HDCP are analyzed in realtime. For testing sources and sinks, system protocol tests in line with the MHL compliance test specification are available as an option. The AV inspection option enables the R&S®VTE to perform difference picture analysis for detecting and objectively analyzing degradations in a mobile device’s decoded video signal.

The R&S®VTE is an all-round, compact 3 HU, 1/2 19" instrument. The lower-priced R&S®VTS is only 1 HU high for optimum integration into test setups. Both products have a built-in computer, eliminating the need for an external PC. These energy-saving instruments are economical to operate and can be remote-controlled. The R&S®VTE also features state-of-the-art touchscreen operation. Rohde & Schwarz provides test software which, in combination with options such as the MHL system test options, can be used to automate test routines. Custom test routines can also be created and run using this software, and a test report is output immediately afterwards.

Thanks to the modular design, customers can equip the instruments to meet their exact requirements and budget. The R&S®VTE accommodates up to three modules. In addition to the MHL test module, Rohde & Schwarz will soon be offering other modules, for HDMI for example. Manufacturers benefit from a secure investment for the future.
The R&S®VTE video tester and the R&S®VTS compact video tester with the R&S®VT-B2350 MHL RX/TX test module and associated software options will be available in May 2012 from Rohde & Schwarz.

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