March 29, 2012

Agilent Technologies Enhances Software Development Tools for Electronic Instrument Automation and Control

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) recently announced the enhanced Agilent Command Expert and IO Libraries Suite, software tools that accelerate the development of automated electronic instrument connection and control for many PC applications. The enhanced software allows users to more easily access the key features of their instruments. It even enables them to run an instrument control sequence with a single line of MATLAB code.

"MATLAB software, available from both Agilent and MathWorks, enables engineers to solve complex design, testing and verification challenges," said Roy Lurie, vice president of engineering for MATLAB products at MathWorks. "Agilent Command Expert's new integration with MATLAB and our Instrument Control Toolbox enables standard command sequences generated from Command Expert to be available immediately in MATLAB, where they can be modified or executed. This integration allows MATLAB users to get started faster using Agilent instruments and ultimately reduces the time to complete the project."

Command Expert provides easier connection to and control of instruments using Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI) or IVI-COM command sets in many application environments. Command Expert 1.1 adds:
  • Integration with MATLAB that enables easy integration and execution of instrument command sequences.
  • Improved search results for commands, to more easily find the right command, view the documentation and create sequences from the user interface.
  • New capability to import a sequence of commands from a SCPI text file or IO monitor log file as well as combine commands to increase performance.
  • More programming examples and tutorials for fast start up in all environments, and even more SCPI command sets.

IO Libraries Suite 16.2 is now able to launch Command Expert when Command Expert is installed. This improved integration simplifies the user's environment. This latest version of IO Libraries Suite continues to add functionality due to changes in technology, including support for IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) instrument addressing. Agilent also continues to expand support for modular instrumentation based on PXI and AXIe standards with this release of the IO Libraries Suite.

"We work hard to understand the test user's environments," said Bob Witte, vice president, Agilent's Technology Leadership Organization. "These software tools are designed to simplify some of the complexities instrument users face in their work. Command Expert allows them to accelerate their development efforts."

Customers may download the Agilent Command Expert software free of charge at Customers may download the Agilent IO Libraries Suite free of charge at

About Agilent Technologies
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