November 15, 2011

Anite introduces world's first handheld LTE measurement tool - Nemo Handy-A LTE

With the introduction of the world’s first commercial smartphone-based measurement tool  for LTE technology, Nemo Handy-A LTE, Anite showcases the technological lead and innovation of the Nemo Handy product line that has set the standard for handheld network measurement devices since the introduction of the first Handy product in 2005.
The first Nemo Handy-A LTE smartphones are based on HTC Thunderbolt and HTC Vivid terminals. Both devices come with dedicated views for network and radio parameters, neighbors, link adaptation, throughput, and cell information for LTE air interface.
Other Nemo Handy-A LTE features include: scripting support, indoor measurements, HTML testing with real web browser, GPS support, and live maps support that enables the user to see the measured route with color-coded parameter values in real-time on the map.

In addition to a rich variety of real-time displays, all RF and signaling data and application level metrics are logged to the phone’s internal storage or memory card. Log files are made available in Nemo File Format that allows easy post-processing with Nemo Outdoor playback, Nemo Analyze or third-party post-processing tools.
  • Your regular smartphone and LTE measurement  tool in one device 
  • Supports measurements on GSM/WCDMA/HSPA/LTE  (HTC Vivid), LTE (HTC Thunderbolt), initial release  supports Americas LTE FDD bands (LTE 700 MHz) 
  • Live outdoor maps
  • Indoor measurements with floor plans
  • Scripting support
  • HTML testing with real web browser
  • Vendor independence – Open Nemo File Format enables full and proven compatibility with third-party tools


  1. This is cool stuff!!!

  2. Interesting! Great to see the technologies moving into this direction!