September 5, 2011

New 600 MHz R&S®RTO Oscilloscope

Rohde & Schwarz announces the launch of a new 600 MHz R&S®RTO oscilloscope that is available as a two-channel or four-channel model. This addition to the portfolio enables Rohde & Schwarz to offer a high-performance oscilloscope in the lower bandwidth range.

With regard to specifications and features, the new 600 MHz R&S®RTO models (R&S®RTO1002 and R&S®RTO1004) are identical to the previous 1 GHz and 2 GHz models. All advantages and benefits of the R&S®RTO family are therefore also valid for these new models:
·         Excellent signal fidelity for accurate signal representation
o    Low-noise frontend – best in its class
o    Full bandwidth even at 1 mV/div
o    Single-core ADC delivers industry best ENOB of > 7 bit
·         Fastest signal acquisition and analysis on the market
o    1 million wfms/s even when performing measurements and analysis
o    Hardware-accelerated measurements
·         Unique digital trigger system
o    User-adjustable trigger sensitivity: “What you can see you can trigger on”
o    Flexible trigger filtering
o    Industry’s best trigger jitter << 1 ps (RMS)
·         New benchmark in usability
o    Color-coded controls, toolbar with deep undo/redo, transparent dialog boxes
o    Fast and easy waveform arrangement with SmartGrid function and signal icons

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