September 22, 2011

Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEi), London

Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEi) exhibition was held last week in London. This huge show was extremely well organised and attended. There were over 1,400 exhibitors and plenty of informative seminars.

Security was relatively tight to get in, with name badges and ID checked, but once through the scanner it was informal and enthusiastic as ever.

All of the big defence contractors were there with exhibition areas split into countries but for me there was a shortage of test and measurement (T&M) vendors – only Anritsu and Rohde & Schwarz (R&S). Anritsu demonstrated their commitment to security solutions and R&S displayed a range of product and services applicable to aerospace and defence.

It is surprising to see what are on the booths and why companies are there. You rarely get a succinct answer to that question of ‘What is your strategy for being here?’ The initial answers to that or the equipment on show did not really shed much light. However, a few more questions later the answer became obvious.

In general, the first answer is that this product has an extra dB or goes to this frequency, which is what you would expect from a product demonstration event but not necessarily from what is in essence a trade show. From what I gather, their strategy for being there, in their own words:

“Anritsu provides RF/Microwave, Optical and Data Communications solutions for Aerospace, Defence and Security sectors. Test and evaluation monitoring solutions for R&D, manufacturing, installation and maintenance, and security assurance are provided in COTS and complex bespoke form factors. We provide high performance equipment for Detection and Location of Interfering and Hidden signals (TSCM).”

“Rohde & Schwarz is one of the leading suppliers of solutions for mission-critical environments. Our secure communications-portfolio:
·         Integrated communications systems for: ATC, army, navy, air force, encryption-technology
·         Our radiomonitoring and radiolocation portfolio: Spectrum and satellite monitoring, signal analysis systems, receivers, direction finders, antennas
·         Our test and measurement-portfolio: Spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, oscilloscopes, signal generators, EMC and Tempest test solutions
Our test capability for both harsh and laboratory environments gives comprehensive support for defence technologies and operational requirements.”

The show is also great for an attendee like me, who has a real interest in this market. It was enjoyable to explore and witness high tech, dynamic and even explosive displays and events in this exhibition. I particularly enjoyed the stealth tank, modified digger/mine detector and camouflaged scooter. Add to that a sprinkling of accessible industry experts, politicians and MDs, it was an enthralling mix.

Well done DSEi!

--Contributed by TandMTom


  1. I missed the show. I hope they do that annually. I'll probably learn a lot from it.

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  2. Been to few defense shows in Asia. It's always cool to be able to check out some mil techs