August 24, 2011

Agilent Technologies Updates NMR Software to Run on Windows and Mac OS, Easily Create Workflows

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) announced the release of VnmrJ 3.2, enhancing this industry-leading software for nuclear magnetic spectroscopy in a number of significant ways.

With the release of VnmrJ 3.2, Agilent now offers a data station version that runs on Windows(r) and Mac OS in addition to Linux. This enables users to analyze NMR data anywhere in off-line mode rather than be tethered to the instrument's data system to produce results or learn the system.

A simplified sample-centric workflow interface lets users easily design experiments as simple or complex as needed. Also new is seamless integration with NMR Pipe, the popular plug-in for analyzing proteins and other large biomolecules.

Customers have been asking for these features, and we're pleased to deliver them," said Kevin Meldrum, Agilent marketing director, Research Products Division. "We're focused on advancing NMR technology, and software plays a vital role in this process."

VnmrJ 3.2 supports a wide range of Agilent and Varian NMR systems and accessories. This includes small molecules in-solution, static and spinning solid-state spectroscopy, protein and nucleic-acid solutions, solid-state biological samples, tissues, beads, gels, LC/NMR/MS and imaging.

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