July 6, 2011

New Applications for R&S®ZVH4 / R&S®ZVH8 Handheld Cable and Antenna Analyzer

The R&S®ZVH-K42 vector network analysis application and R&S®ZVH-K45 vector voltmeter measurement application add vector network analysis measurement capabilities and a vector voltmeter to the R&S®ZVH4 / R&S®ZVH8 handheld cable and antenna analyzers.

The R&S®ZVH-K42 measurement application transforms the R&S®ZVH4 and R&S®ZVH8 cable and antenna analyzers into a full two-port vector network analyzer. Matching and transmission characteristics of filters, amplifiers, etc., can be determined quickly and with high accuracy in the forward and reverse direction with only one test setup.

The built-in DC bias supplies power to active DUTs, such as amplifiers, via the RF cable. The following measurements and features are supported:
  • Increased measurement accuracy due to vector error correction
  • Measurement of magnitude and phase of S-parameters S11, S21, S12 and S22
  • Simultaneous display of magnitude and phase in split screen mode
  • Simultaneous display of two different S-parameters in different formats
  • Smith chart with zoom function
  • Electrical length measurement
  • Determination of group delay
  • Selectable number of measurement points

The R&S®ZVH-K45 measurement application adds a vector voltmeter to the R&S®ZVH cable and antenna analyzer. This option displays the magnitude and phase of a DUT on a fixed frequency. As a result, the R&S®ZVH cable and antenna analyzer can replace a conventional vector voltmeter for many applications such as adjustment of electrical cable length or checking of phase-controlled antennas in air traffic control with an instrument landing system (ILS). For relative measurements, the measurement results of a reference DUT are stored at the press of a button. Comparison measurements, e.g. between different RF cables and a reference cable (golden device), can be quickly and easily performed.

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