July 4, 2011

China Mobile Research Institute and Rohde & Schwarz to Conduct Joint Research on TD-LTE Testing Technology

During the Sino-Germany Economic and Technology Cooperation Forum, China Mobile Research Institute, the R&D division of China Mobile, and Rohde & Schwarz announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for collaborating on the research of TD-LTE testing technology and test system development. 

The MoU highlights the cooperation on joint research in TD-LTE testing technology and test instrument development to speed up the global roll-out of TD-LTE technology.

TD-LTE, the TDD version of LTE standard which has converged development with FDD LTE enables high-speed mobile internet access. According to the Global Mobile Suppliers Association, TD-LTE will obtain a significant share in the worldwide LTE market. TD-LTE technology has gained increasing support in Asia-Pacific as well as in Europe and America with the backing of more than 70 companies from across the mobile ecosystem.

China Mobile, the leading operator in TD-LTE network and terminal testing, has made great strides in the promotion of TD-LTE test systems development. In the field of terminal testing, China Mobile is leading the project group TD-LTE Work Items (WI) within the Global Certification Forum (GCF) for conformance testing, covering protocol, RF and RRM. In order to set up end-to-end testing solutions and simulate end user experience, China Mobile is cooperating with other operators and test system vendors to develop network-simulator independent operating test (IOT) systems.

Rohde & Schwarz has been providing testing solutions to mobile network providers, test houses, chipset and user equipment manufacturers for many years. Rohde & Schwarz offers RF conformance tests, RRM testing, PQA, signalling conformance tests, protocol and call box solutions in TD-LTE.

The joint research effort by China Mobile Research Institute and Rohde & Schwarz will ensure the establishment of an end-to-end TD-LTE testing environment, resulting in robust networks and high quality terminals.

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