June 27, 2011

Boonton Introduces The New Amplifier Test Software

Boonton has launched "Amplifier Test Bench", a new software package that simplifies test and certification of RF Amplifiers. Amplifier Test Bench supports analysis of pulsed and linear amplifiers; furthermore it measures gain over frequency and gain over input power. The software supports both fast Boonton peak power meters 4540 and 4500B and a variety of standard generators. No programming knowledge is required.

Wolfgang Damm, Product Marketing Director of WTG says: "Amplifier Test Bench provides not only a convenient automated test setup for different types of amplifiers, but together with our peak power meters it is significantly more accurate than conventional average test methods. Amplifier Test Bench performs actual pulse power measurements that guarantee detailed and most accurate amplifier analysis."

Amplifier Test Bench also has the capability to measure VSWR and return loss over time. With this feature it is a powerful tool for measuring long term stability of RF systems. Analyzing the quality and wear of rotating radar joints is just one example. For this application, the shaft position pulse provides the 0 degree starting point which triggers repeating measurement cycles of Amplifier Test Bench. Time is correlated to angle and based on that, the software plots return loss over angle. Possible problems that are related to the position angle of the radar system can now be pinpointed easily.

Amplifier Test Bench is offered as single user package, with the option of obtaining multi user licenses. It is available for immediate delivery.

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