June 14, 2011

Aeroflex Extends Capability of 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set to Test WCDMA and GSM/GPRS

Stevenage, UK — Aeroflex Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aeroflex Holding Corp. (NYSE:ARX), announced today the launch of two new options for the Aeroflex 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set. The options support testing of 3G WCDMA/HSPA and GSM/GPRS, and data call hand-over between LTE and HSPA.

As WCDMA network operators migrate towards LTE, the devices used by their subscribers will need to operate with legacy 2G and 3G networks as well as new LTE networks. Devices must hand over seamlessly between networks when appropriate.
Options 103 and 105 for the 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set facilitate testing of these multi-mode devices across all the standards they are required to support, and test data hand-over between LTE and HSPA.

The 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set with Option 103 provides comprehensive test capabilities for GSM/GPRS. Option 105 extends the instrument’s capability to include WCDMA and HSPA. The deployed terminal devices will need to support all of these legacy standards. The 7100 provides manufacturers of both cellular terminals and chipsets with a simple unified test environment to fully test all the radio access technologies (RAT) supported by the device under test.

Since LTE is a data standard, a three-phase rollout is taking place to ensure that voice calls are handled appropriately:
  • In phase one, LTE networks are supporting only data-centric devices such as USB modems; 3G handsets will still be used for voice calls.
  • In phase two, handset devices that rely on fallback technologies (WCDMA or GSM) for voice support are being introduced.
  • In phase three, handset devices will be added that use the LTE network for both data and Voice over IP (VoIP). The voice solution will employ the VoLTE (Voice over LTE) standard.

Aeroflex test systems support operators and device manufacturers during each phase of the rollout. The new 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set options will be required in Phase II and beyond to fully characterize the performance of handsets across all the RATs. This includes so-called “circuit-switched fallback”—where a handset used for data applications such as Web browsing can fall back to a circuit-switched 3G connection if an incoming voice call is received. It is also important to be able to test whether the device selects the correct cell and technology when it is first powered up.

“Aeroflex is committed to providing end-to-end test capability for LTE. The 7100 is the market leader in LTE device test,” said Michael Thorpe, 7100 product manager, Aeroflex Test Solutions. “As the LTE rollout continues, Aeroflex is supporting LTE handset and chipset manufacturers as they test more complex multi-RAT capabilities on LTE devices. The 7100 provides a single box test solution for multi-mode devices supporting GSM/GPRS and WCDMA technologies as well as 3GPP LTE. These technologies are currently under development, waiting for their launch in the first LTE networks around the world.”

The 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set Option 105 offers built-in GSM and WCDMA RF test cases; it can fully characterize mobile terminal devices to 3GPP Release 6 specifications. The 7100 feature set will track the 3GPP WCDMA standard as it evolves, with the latest releases applied to handset designs.

Price and availability
For more information, contact your local Aeroflex sales office by visiting or calling Aeroflex Sales at (800) 835-2352 or info-test@aeroflex.com.

About the 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set
Based on Aeroflex’s tried and tested RF and baseband technology, the 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set is unique in its support of both RF parametric and protocol testing for LTE terminal devices. The 7100 simulates a network from the physical layer to the core network IP infrastructure, with an optional fading simulation capability. Focused on the R&D market—from components to handsets—the Aeroflex 7100 LTE Digital Radio
Test Set is a comprehensive test system for LTE mobile devices incorporated into a small footprint, single bench-top instrument.

Options recently introduced for the 7100 Test Set include support both for LTE TDD and for Simultaneous Voice-LTE (SV-LTE) with 1x CDMA.

About Aeroflex LTE Expertise
Aeroflex LTE leadership started with the delivery of test systems in 2007 and now continues with a complete range of end-to-end test systems that cover R&D, performance, service and manufacturing test applications for LTE TDD and FDD network equipment and terminals.

The TM500 Test Mobile family is in use with almost every base station manufacturer across the world, and can be regarded as the de facto standard for eNodeB development and testing. The EAST500 is the only network capacity test solution that incorporates the proven Aeroflex TM500 LTE air interface.

The Aeroflex 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set is a complete one-box test system providing all the tools required for the measurement and characterization of user equipment (UE) chip sets and mobile terminals to 3GPP LTE standards, including optional signal fading simulation.

The PXI 3000 Series, modular RF test system based on PXI technology is a proven solution to accelerate throughput in manufacturing and time to market in R&D while catering for current and future RF test needs. It is particularly suited to modern cellular and wireless data communications and critical testing in a high volume manufacturing environment.

Aeroflex has engineers working in centers around the world on its LTE and LTEAdvanced test systems, to support the current and next generation of networks and devices.

About Aeroflex
Aeroflex Incorporated is a leading global provider of microelectronic components and test and measurement equipment used by companies in the space, avionics, defense, commercial wireless communications, medical and other markets.

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