June 15, 2011

Advantest Announces New U3800 Cross Domain Analyzer Series

U3851 Cross Domain Analyzer

TOKYO, JAPAN – Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE) announced the availability of its new Cross Domain Analyzer™ family, the U3800 series. The U3800 is the industry's first metrology tool to offer phase measurement of two high-frequency signals in a single instrument, allowing operators to determine the phase difference. This new functionality enables quick and accurate detection of reception problems caused by inter-circuit interference or radio wave reflection, making the U3800 ideal for applications ranging from electromagnetic interference (EMI) challenges, to broadcasting and communications.

The increasing density of components mounted on the boards of portable devices such as smartphones has given rise to complex inter-circuit interference issues. Meanwhile, inverters used for motor control in automobiles or to prevent flickering in LED lighting applications can also generate unwanted noise. For efficient identification of the source of electronic interference, the ability to simultaneously measure and compare multiple noise signals is highly valuable. Advantest's new U3800 cross domain analyzer meets this demand with its two-channel simultaneous phase measurement function, an industry first in a single measuring instrument.

The U3800 builds on the success of Advantest's U3700 series of spectrum analyzers, launched in October 2008, whose two-channel input option was also an industry first. With this function, enabling two signals to be monitored in tandem, the U3700 was widely embraced by customers. Now, Advantest has launched the U3800 series in response to customer feedback requesting additional functionality, providing the ability to simultaneously measure the phase of two signals for more efficient identification of noise sources. The U3800 also enables multi-pass analysis, and greatly simplifies the process of identifying and suppressing EM radiation noise.

Display of the phase difference between two signals, enabled by new "X Math" function. The two inverted triangle markers in the center of the screen represent the point of measurement.

The U3800 series utilizes a new "X math" (pronounced "cross math") function for comparative analysis of inputs from two channels. This function displays the waveforms of both signals on a single coordinate plain, enabling operators to see the phase difference between the signals at a glance.

The U3800 is available in three configurations with varying frequency ranges and price points, allowing customers to select the product that best meets their needs.

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