May 10, 2011

New version of IPETRONIK’s TESTdrive software boosts test and measurement convenience

IPETRONIK, the world’s leading supplier of mobile measurement technology in the automotive industry has announced that version 3.22 of its TESTdrive measurement software is available for download. This software update reduces the start-up time of an IPETRONIK data logger (M-/S-LOG, FLEETlog) significantly, permits postprocessing of data during acquisition and enables the sending of status e-mails. Furthermore, the measurement program supports OBD-II measurements on the vehicle, allows automatic import of signals into the DAQ lists with using  XCP service, and offers a new hardware driver for MultiDAQ measurement modules.

With the update to version 3.22 the start-up time of an IPETRONIK data logger can be reduced remarkably. Depending on construction and size of the configuration, the start-up time can be up to 15 times shorter than normal. The new TESTdrive version uses a  special  format to store the image of the system configuraton on the logger. This means, once initialized, later measurement starts will be executed faster because of the accelerated initialization process. 

Postproccessing during acquisition
Another new function is the “postprocessing during acquisition” feature. When this feature is activated, postprocessing functions – such as copying, zipping, encoding, splitting, and data transfer – can be executed during a running acquisition. This is particularly advantageous for data acquisition series with short pause durations between single data acquisitions or for test bench applications. By allowing postprocessing in parallel with data measurements, data can be acquired continuously for extensive data acquisition series. In addition, this capability offers another advantage when it comes to packing and splitting up large measurement files: Since it makes it possible to transmit data packets more effectively, it ensures that data can be transmitted reliably, even when network coverage is limited.

Status e-mails
Once updated, the measurement program also enables users to send status e-mails. Such an e-mail contains the logger’s serial number as well as the number of the corresponding measurement file. Depending on the configuration, the e-mail attachment includes the log file, the measurement status file, as well as the min./max. and average values. This feature offers all important information to the user right after the end of data acquisition.

On-board diagnostics via CAN
TESTdrive V3.22 supports OBD-II measurements on the vehicle. This means that an IPETRONIK data logger (M-LOG, S-LOG, FLEETlog) can now be used to acquire the vehicle’s operational data in accordance with the OBD-II diagnostics standard. Within the EU, implementation of the OBD standard has been mandatory for all new passenger cars since 2001 (for gasoline-powered cars) and 2003 (for diesel). For trucks, this standard has been obligatory since 2005. This makes it possible to acquire the vehicle’s emission-relevant data and its most important operating data at a measurement rate of 1 Hz. To make this possible, the configuration software IPEmotion offers 96 predefined measurement signals, which can be active as needed to record data. Besides mere data storage, it is, of course, also possible to use familiar functions, such as performing online calculations and defining limit values.

Automatic service management
In addition, the new software version allows automatic import of signals into DAQ lists with using XCP service.  A By activating  the “Automatic Service Administration” in the IPEmotion options,  all active signals are automatically added to the three DAQ lists of the XCP service.
After starting the acquisition in IPEmotion, this measurement values are displayed in the signal list.

MultiDAQ support
TESTdrive version 3.22 also features an advanced hardware driver. With the“IPEmotion Logger PlugIn V03.22” the MultiDAQ universal measurement module is supported at the logger interface. This allows to configure the MultiDAQ module conveniently from IPEmotion  and integrate it into an existing logger system in a fast and easy way.

Since its founding in 1989, IPETRONIK GmbH & Co.KG has had a profound impact on the technology that the automotive industry uses to perform mobile measurements. Today, IPETRONIK is one of the world’s leading companies in this sector. Since 1999, IPETRONIK has been a subsidiary of INDUS Holding AG with headquarters in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. This group includes a total of 42 mid-size companies from different segments of the economy. This provides IPETRONIK with a sturdy foundation and with financial backing for strategic projects and for investments in both new and existing locations. For years now, nearly all car manufacturers have been relying on the high dependability, precision, and availability of IPETRONIK’s products and services. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of measurement modules, data loggers, sensors and software combines modular measurement equipment of the highest accuracy with expertise in analog measurement technology and automotive data busses for commonly used automotive networks – including the relevant communication protocols for control units. By continuously expanding its Consulting/Engineering division, IPETRONIK has increasingly been able to serve as a technology partner with a broad range of services for the automotive industry. These activities focus on vehicle test equipment, including general testing and both on- and off-road test runs, with an emphasis on vehicle air-conditioning and thermal management as well as the development and production of test beds for environmental simulation. At company headquarters in the Southern German city of Baden-Baden, about 100 employees develop innovative solutions that are then produced in Germany. At the location in Duesseldorf, a team of eight specialists develops and supports the IPEmotion software. And in Hamburg, a team of seven designs thermodynamic test beds. To ensure that it fulfills its commitment to provide global sales backed up by local customer care, IPETRONIK operates subsidiaries amongst others in France, Sweden and the US and works together with a growing worldwide network of distributors.

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