April 19, 2011

New HAL Range From Seaward Meets All Compliance Test Needs

A new range of electrical safety testers have been developed to help manufacturers of electrical and electronic products comply with all required performance and safety standards.

The new Clare HAL series from Seaward provides a range of dedicated and all in one electrical safety testers that can be used in stand -alone applications or as part of integrated production line systems.

Based on the highly successful HAL Mark 1 range, the extended series now includes five testers to enable users to meet all common international safety standards quickly and effectively.

The new HAL series includes the HAL 101 AC/DC Hipot and DC insulation tester, the HAL 102 Hipot tester with a scanner switching matrix, the HAL 103 combined Hipot, ground bond and insulation tester and the flagship HAL 104 which is a comprehensive electrical safety tester that also provides load, leakage and power factor measurement.

By combining electrical safety and functional testing, the HAL104 is therefore particularly suitable for those production situations where high resolution performance measurements are important such as LED products in low energy lighting applications and PV solar panels.

All instruments in the new HAL range possess a simple user interface and fully isolated outputs to provide complete flexibility and safety of operation.

The testers can be operated manually with the simple push of a front fascia button and also offer an automatic test option with a series of pre-configured test specifications.

In addition, various input and output ports allow test activation to be initiated though selectable sensors and enclosure interlocks or via remote PCs or PLC systems for large automated production systems. The instruments can also be interfaced with a variety of accessories including bar code scanners and label printers.

Each new HAL includes a large clear full graphic display for the presentation of test information in a numerical or analogue format. Because traceability is such an important aspect of all production line procedures, an internal memory allows the storage and downloading of up to 6,000 test results.

By providing a flexible and versatile range of electrical safety testing instrumentation, the new HAL range has been designed to give all electrical and electronic goods manufacturers the levels of control and traceability needed to suit their own test requirements.


  1. All-in-one electrical safety testers are extremely useful. For one thing, they can be very cost efficient in the long run. It is also easier to train employees how to use one device well than it is to teach them to use several.

  2. Yes, I think the cost efficiency comes from many angles. What I can think of:
    1. Cost of equipment (you only need to buy one instead of many)
    2. Smaller storage space
    3. Efficient operator training
    4. Simplified process
    5. Better throughput

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