March 8, 2011

Scalable radio system from Rohde & Schwarz ensures reliable communications in all mission scenarios

R&S M3TR Software Defined Radios

Rohde & Schwarz has presented its new, highly flexible R&S® MMRS radiocommunications system. The modular design allows armed forces to adapt the system and its configuration to diverse military mission scenarios, making the R&S®MMRS equally suitable for use as field headquarters, a mobile ATC system, a radio station and a relay station. Field soldiers can quickly and easily set up and operate the R&S®MMRS. The system can be operated in any infrastructure thanks to the variable source of power.

On a military mission, armed forces are confronted with rapidly changing situations. They need equipment that is flexible enough to adapt to constantly changing deployment conditions. The scalable R&S®MMRS radiocommunications system from Rohde & Schwarz is specially designed to meet these requirements. Individual modules can be combined to form systems of any size, opening up many application possibilities: The basic R&S®MMRS configuration serves as an independent field radio station for up to two parallel radio networks. Configured as a mobile ATC system, it allows armed forces to set up a mobile airstrip. The full-scale configuration can be used to set up field headquarters at the company or battalion level. When deployed, soldiers only have to take the equipment they need to fulfill their mission. They have less weight to carry and fewer logistics.

On top of the modularity, the variable source of power also contributes to the flexibility of the R&S®MMRS. The radiocommunications system can be run from generators, vehicular power supplies or public electricity. Users do not have to take the existing infrastructure into account when selecting the location for the system.

The system is based on radio rackboxes, each of which contains a radio from the R&S®M3TR radio family and an amplifier in rugged housing. They can be controlled over an intercom system installed in separate housing. The intercom system can also be used as a LAN, WAN and optionally as a WLAN router for up to four computers. For easy setup of the R&S®MMRS, Rohde & Schwarz developed special multicables that integrate all the necessary connections between the components. As a result, field soldiers can quickly and easily connect the individual system modules.

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