March 18, 2011

Anritsu Aids Afflicted Areas of The Earthquake Off The Pacific Coast of The Tohoku Region

The following is a collection of Anritsu Corporation’s recent press releases regarding the Japan earthquake disaster:

Anritsu will provide its full cooperation and support for the local recovery efforts, while placing the safety of our employees and their family first as we work towards restoring our production system. The current status of Anritsu is as follows:

1. Damage status of the Anritsu Group
(1) Safety of employees
We have confirmed the safety of all employees.
(2) Production bases in the Tohoku region
Company name: Tohoku Anritsu Co., Ltd.
Location: Koriyama-shi, Fukushima-prefecture (within the Koriyama Central Industrial Park)
(3) Damage status of production equipment and facilities, etc.
Damage status: Damage to some fixtures including the 3rd floor ceiling and ducts, but nothing in particular to impair operations in the building or attached facilities.
(4) Operations Status
Initially all efforts were focused on recovery operations immediately following the earthquake, but as of March 14th there has been a partial and gradual return to normal operation processes. We will continue to cooperate with the recovery of local lifelines while working towards a full recovery of our operations.

2. Response to customers (for products of the measurement business)
We will prioritize shipments of products that customers have already ordered. While we are making all efforts to confirm delivery schedule as early as possible, we expect that it will take around a week to establish such a delivery confirmation and reply system.

The Anritsu head office is located within the area that is serviced by the Tokyo Electrical Power Co., Ltd. (TEPCO). We have prepared a system to ensure the functions of the head office are not impaired during the planned rolling blackouts that will be implemented by TEPCO as a result of the earthquake.
Anritsu is committed to building a system that will not cause any inconvenience to its customers and business partners. We ask for your continued cooperation and understanding going forward.

3. Financial aid
Anritsu corporation has donated 10 million yen as aid for initial operations for the Earthquake off the Pacific Coast of the Tohoku Region occurred on 11 March, to the specified non-profit corporation Japan Platform*. We would like to express our sincere sympathy for those affected by the earthquake this time, and also wish deeply from our hearts and pray for the afflicted areas to be recovered and reconstructed as soon as possible. 

*The Japan Platform is the organization formally established in August 2000 as a framework to effectively and speedily conduct the emergency relief when natural disasters occur in collaboration with NGOs, economic community, and governments. It is providing the funds provided as government funding and donations collected from the business communities and citizens directly and speedily towards NGOs as funds for initial activities in case of implementing emergency relief operations.

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